Key West State of Mind

The countdown until we hit the road for our version of the Great American Roadtrip for Lovers is now 12 hours away.  Packing is nearly complete, trying to calmly think through anything else we may need.  St. Louis to Key West is no quickie car ride, it’s a southern adventure waiting to happen!

The rental car company, you ask?  Hmmm?  Of course, the rental car is gassed up and ready to go but not without the obligatory “WTF” uttered while the attendant tells me he doesn’t have any cars.  I’ve come to discover a reservation at a rental car company means as much as my latest burp.  I requested a ‘Standard’ size vehicle, something that would get me 30+mpg.  I called them (Budget) yesterday and they assured me there would be no problem, that size of car is always there.  So I pull in today, all excited to get my Ford Fusion or Chevy Malibu and the guy says, “Well, all I have is a Nissan Versa or that SUV out there”.  I look around and said “What about that Dodge Charger?”  Come to find out, that is being held for another branch.  “The Pontiac G6?” Again, the shifting side to side, blank looking attendant says “Nope, that’s not ours either”.  So, in order to get this moving, I told him to give me the Murano.  Nice vehicle, many features, but the 20mpg it will provide will cut into my cocktail cash!

Anyway, Murano mostly loaded, dinner woofed down and final details are being polished up. With 900 miles looking at us tomorrow, I’m a little anxious but my beautiful bride is going to make the miles fly by!  Can’t wait!!

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