Key West Condensed Updates!

Whew, where have the last three days gone?  Well, here’s a hint, I’ve been on my favorite island with my incredibly hot wife, hanging out at our favorite haunts and eating my favorite food!  Hence, the lack of play-by-play from this Conch Wannabe!

So the drive down was really smooth, really effortless and much easier than we both expected.   St. Louis to Gainesville took just less than 14 hours and was enjoyable.  Gainesville was fun, we stopped at the Ale House for some great drinks and good food and the 300yd trip back to our Hilton.  Of course, the excitement awaiting us made for a short night as I was up at 330a, ready to hit the road.  Of course, my wife thought I was nuts, but she relented and we were gassed up and on the road before 530a!  It rained a little off and on and we zipped through to Orlando on the turnpike.  Traffic on the Florida Turnpike is awesome as the big rigs don’t like paying tolls, so with them out of the way, our travels through Kissimmie, Port St. Lucie, Ft. Lauderdale, Miami and Homestead was a breeze!  I was amazed at the amount of accidents we just avoided however, almost all involved someone pointing the wrong direction!  Light to moderate rain caused much of that, I’m assuming, but I have to wonder if these Floridians know how to drive in the rain?

I’ll be posting some pics on here later, just no time now as I’d rather get to the Chart Room and Pepe’s for dinner.

We hit the Overseas Highway by first going through Key Largo.  One thing that surprised us both is the amount of land this highway went over!  Movies and other mediums seem to project the fact so much of it is over water but that simply isn’t true.  We saw Jimmy Johnson’s place, a couple of other landmark-ish type of places but that was it as we were on the 125-mile trek through the bone islands at a speed of about 45mph.  Too much traffic, stoplights and speed zones kept us from hitting the gas.

Arrival in Key West was at about 1pm and we immediately charted a course to B.O.’s Fishwagon!  That’s where I’ll leave you for now.  More to come as I’d rather enjoy the island than sit in front of my MacBook!

Be sure to check my Twitter feed @ScottA1A for other updates!

Later, Cats!

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