Quick Conch Hit

Our last full day in Cayo Heuso, so here is the rundown so far.  Quick breakfast at 5 Brothers (they already know what Con Leche I’m there for), a quick freebie breakfast from Westwinds and we were out.  Stopped into Cuba!Cuba! to grab a couple Cuban things, paid a surprisingly fast visit to the Coach store and got yet another bag (oh why didn’t I start designing women’s handbags early in my life??), a buzz by Truman Annex to scope out my future condo, a stop by Mallory Square before the Cat Guy and folks of his ilk show up (much more serene and peaceful before the daily circus comes to town!) and then onto RonJon Surf Shop.  Not sure what it is about that place, possibly my inner-surf boy from Tressels?  Anyhoo, I can’t get out of there for less than $100.

We followed that up with our daily constitutional to BO’s Fishwagon.  Just a righteous place, good for the soul.

We cruised KW Bight, checked out a few menus from dinner candidates and then back to the 72 degrees of our apartment.   A quick refresher and then two hours poolside allowed my to swim a few times, sweat a lot and finish my latest John D. MacDonald novel.

A nap in KW…what is better?  Now, the evening plans:  Chart Room, dinner somewhere, mill around Duval and probably end up back at the Chart Room.  Sound cool?

Oh, I owe a few days of tales too.  Look for the prequel to today’s rundown in the next couple of days.  It will consist of more heat, more drink, more classic Conch tales and Bone Island adventures!



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