Conch Recovery

Well, we survived a total of 2800+ miles in a nice Nissan Murano and just over 40 hours total but the Great American Roadtrip for the A1A’s was a success!  Sunday was spent unpacking, napping, recovering, napping and going to bed early.  For me, today was back to work so I was too grumpy to jot anything down here upon our return, so I thought I’d add in a few pics from the adventure.

Our future home?

Nice place!! I’ll keep my eye on this one.

Every morning consisted of a Con Leche and Cheese Toast from my favorite place on the island, 5 Brothers!

Nobody does Con Leches or Cheese Toast any better! Little taste of Cuba right here!

On the stone wall surrounding Hemingway’s place, I found this little guy:

Gonna be beautiful someday!

A view from Hemingway’s Nightlight…..aka the Key West Lighthouse…..

Round house, round windows, round staircase

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