Andy Griffith, KW Obsession and the HEAT, my God the HEAT!

Yesterday we all lost a treasure of America, Andy Griffith.  Growing up, watching The Andy Griffith Show was a daily occurrence, sometimes twice or more, as I loved everything about the town of Mayberry and it’s characters.  This show truly impacted my life as I learned about life, values, morals and what is good in the world through Sheriff Andy Taylor, his son Opie, Deputy Barney Fife, Aunt Bea and the other all-time greats.  There was a genuine kindness and patience consistently shown as the stories played out.  I have to say, Andy Griffith showed me a lot of what I probably didn’t have with my own dad.  I think back to all of the many episodes, the fun, the clever deliveries and I know Andy Griffith gave us a gift that we’re all lucky enough to be able to see whenever we want.

So since being back from our Key West adventure, I’ve been back at work but the holiday has helped break up that stuff by giving us a mid-week day off!  I find myself continuing to be in a Key West state of mind, thinking about the streets, the sounds, the feel of the island.  I think this trip was the best we’ve ever made and I really miss it.  Making my on con leche is just not as good as 5 Brothers!  The rum & cokes and bourbon & cokes just aren’t as tasty!   I hope to maintain the piece of my mind that takes me back.

Conch homes






I’ll keep looking through pics, daydreaming and being thankful for one of the best vacations I’ve ever had!



Nothing but heat here in St. Louis.  My lawn is like a tinder box just waiting for one spark from an errant bottle rocket or roman candle.  I hope our police can put a slow down on the fireworks this year as I don’t want us to turn into another Colorado situation.  The earth is cracking, grass is just brown and crunchy and it’s really a dire situation.  The past six days have been over 100 and as it looks, the next 6-7 will be over 100 with no rain in sight.  Global warming?  No way to know, but this stuff is cyclical and we’re breaking records that have been in place since the 1930s.  Was there global warming in the ’30s?  All I can hope for is no fires, enough water and the continuous hum of the air conditioner.

Have a Happy 4th of July everyone!  Stay cool, stay safe!

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