Back to the salt mine

Mid-week holidays are for the birds.  I really am not a fan.  There’s a certain amount of mental undwinding one does on a day off and the abruptness of that one-day doesn’t jive well with my desired need for a minimum of two days off at a time.  Coming back to work in such a manner feels disjointed and I can’t tell if it’s really a Monday, Thursday or what.  Basically, it bites.  Some of our ‘decision makers’ should take such holidays and move them to Mondays or Fridays to help out the little guy.

I’ve not tried to access this blog at work and am surprised I can due to the strict firewall restrictions in place.  Hence it also means that working days won’t allow for much of an update.

The 4th of July was spent at my brother-in-law’s place, swimming and eating and generally doing nothing.   A good time had by all.   I stayed away from the firewater as I feel the need to detox from last week’s trip to Key West.  I actually drank the Chart Room out of a bottle or two of bourbon over the week stay.  Focusing now on dropping the pounds I put on while there.  Can’t believe I didn’t sweat it out while biking around the island, but that’s what happens when a lot more goes in than goes out.

I guess the big news of yesterday was the announcement of the Higgs boson or the ‘God Particle’ discovered by CERN physicists.  My 15yr old ‘boy wonder’ son has aspirations of working at CERN and being one of those guys in a while coat who identifies new aspects of our universe.   As it stands now, about 96% of universe remains hidden from view and I believe my son wants to be someone who figures it out.  This really means that I need to start getting informed about crap like this so the stringbean boy doesn’t think he’s smarter than your’s truly.   Yes, he’s very sharp, but I like to think I’ve got the ‘street smarts and business savvy’ that only comes with walking through the burning embers of life.

Today will be the 8th consecutive day over 100 degrees in StL.  It’s a friggin’ furnace and now we’re hearing the humidity is really going to kick up by the weekend!  Ummm, my wife and I ask each other all the time…why do we live here?  Still studying on that.


Well, that’s it, back to work!


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