Skies open up!

Well, last night we were lucky enough to have one of those heat-generated pop-up thunderstorms stop over us for almost an hour!  First substantial rain in six weeks, serious lightning and earth shaking thunder were the price for the water.  The dogs shook uncontrollably and spent their time downstairs being consoled by the entire family.  These two, Annabelle & Lizzie, never used to be so frightened of storms, but 3-4 years ago during a 4th of July celebration seemed to trigger something for them and any noise in the sky brings on the anxiety.  A little pill helps them but when storms pop up unexpectedly, there isn’t enough time.  Again, the price of a good rain.

Exceptional lunch today from St. Louis Bread Company, aka Panera Bread.  Since they are local to St. Louis, we must be special or something.  Broccoli Cheddar soup, Thai Chop Chicken salad and Cuban Chicken Panini along with Mac & Cheese filled us all up.  A great pre-nap delicacy!  Check them out at and if you have one locally, be sure to stop in.  You’ll be glad you did.  Key West could use a place like this.

Today calls for a little nap and then off to the golf course.  The 103+ heat index isn’t a deterrent as yesterday we played with a 106 temp and 110+ heat index.  It’s all a state of mind type of thing!

Here’s a nice Sunday pic to end on:

Count the dollars at Willie T’s! Think many get lifted for tips?

Enjoy your Sunday!

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