Where does time go?

So in the last week we’ve road-tripped to across Missouri to central Nebraska, spent a great few days there enjoying a true bit of Americana, trekked back to St. Louis, back to work and have been immersed in the British Open golf tournament.  Amazing how time continues to speed up…much quicker than when I was young.

The trip was much better than expected and one I look forward to taking again!  I got to meet a lot of relatives from my wife’s family and good times were had by all.  We needed to go to the middle of Nebraska to get about 10-12 degrees cooler than in St. Louis.  What’s going on in this world?

Got to play a little golf in Norfolk, Nebraska and shot a cool 83 with my son and father-in-law.  One thing noticeable while driving through Omaha and further north was how green the lawns and fields were as well as ponds fairly full.  Not the case in Missouri as the drought continues to hammer us with no relief in sight.

The course we played was beautiful and albeit for my putting, my game is in good shape.  In just the past couple of days I’ve addressed that putting situation by switching gears and tossing aside the traditional blade putter in favor of a Ping mallet-style.  The ability to keep my putter in consistent to my line has been an issue with the blade and the Ping Craz-E has apparently solved that frustrating problem!   Here I am on the tee box on a par 3….and it’s on the green!

Nothing but fairways and greens!

The British Open golf tournament is very close to being my favorite of each year.  I love the tradition, the links-style play and the small hamlets of the United Kingdom where golf was born.  I also enjoy watching pros struggle with wind, rain, pot-bunkers and fescue rough.  Sort of humanizes them for a week every year.   I’d like to travel to England, Ireland, Northern Ireland and Scotland to drink a few pints, play some darts and take my chances on some of the oldest golf courses in the world.  (note: bucket list item!)

We’re spending the summer nights watching the entire Harry Potter series of movies.  All in our family love the books immensely and the movies are pretty good as well, especially the two-part seventh.   I try using charms and spells but it’s still not working.  ‘Accio beer’ doesn’t seem to get the results I am hoping for.

My wife and I finally followed through and got Missouri football season tickets.  Looking forward to an exciting inaugural season in the SEC, where the big-boys play.  Although it will take a few seasons to bring in different types of players, I think Mizzou will do well and I’m just hoping for a .500 SEC record this season.  The roadtrips and college atmosphere on a Saturday will be the best part (nothing beats Baton Rouge on a game day Saturday however!!)

Here’s the final sunrise from Nebraska…..enjoy!













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