Far and few between

One of my internet “must stops” is Key West Lou.  If you are a fan of Cayo Hueso and frequent there as much as I do, you’ll understand the affinity I have.  Louis is a former attorney now retired living in the Keys.  Alway consistent and never missing a day of his blog, he is a prime example of how I wish I maintained this piddly little posting spot.  My posted thoughts here are certainly few and far between.  Not only a daily blog does Lou produce but he’s also on the radio and internet waves with live broadcasts of his legal hour.  Very interesting and now that he’s on Youtube, his archives are available to watch.

I’m a Key West daydreamer.  After traveling there now 6+ times in the past 8 years, I’m a somewhat regular and pseudo-local when it comes to the Chart Room, Blue Heaven and BO’s Fishwagon.

There’s not much better than bike riding around the island, sweating and enjoying the sounds and smells of Key West Bight.  I just wish I could build up points/miles quicker to get free airline tickets!  I’m premature in my retirement plans, but it will contain a nice rental condo or apartment in Key West.  I’m not the buying type, especially for overpriced conch houses that come with weather-related risks.  The investment is just a bit too risky for $500-$700k later in life.

Nothing I would like more right now than to be by the pool at Dante’s or enjoying the cool air conditioning of the little boutique, Cuba! Cuba!  My wife is in lock step with me, too bad we have another 20 or so years to work!!!  😦


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