No time, just no time!

Everytime I look at Key West Lou’s blog, I keep telling myself to be consistent and get some updates posted routinely!  Well, the job, various events, the seemingly decreasing number of hours in a day make that nearly impossible.

So, in a nut, here are the highlights:

Oldest daughter landed in London two days ago on a study-abroad journey.  She’s taking a Shakespeare class at University of Westminster.  She’s 21 and an English major who will be a senior at Missouri State next year.  This is a place that has been in her heart forever.  I wouldn’t be surprised if she doesn’t go back there to live someday.  Anyway, she’s taking tours, enjoying the local scene and soaking it all in.  She will be there for the next month and can be followed at

My son, the 16-yr old blues guitar aficionado, has finally landed a summer job!  Yes, he’ll be starting at Pappa Murphy pizza today and the position will continue through the school year.  Very excited (well, I am anyway, as his hand won’t be outstretched for my cash).

My daughter, his twin, is recovering nicely from shoulder surgery for a torn labrum.  The therapy and rehab is extensive, expected to last 4-6 months!  Quite exhausting and must be done patiently.  Tough for but she’s adapting.

My job (IT Consultant) now has be established at the world’s largest beer brewer, Anheuser-Busch InBev!  Enjoying it immensely as beer producing, packaging, transporting and marketing are all quite easy to understand!

My wife continues her summer sabbatical (she’s a 2nd grade teacher).  With the state of parents and kids nowadays, she is enjoying her time off very much.

That’s it for now, Happy Father’s Day to all dads out there!  Enjoy some of the US Open golf tournament today.  Pulling for Luke Donald or Ian Poulter.

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