Ol’ London, the Heat and my latest cigar

So my oldest daughter is now four days into her stay in London.  She has found her Mecca as the excitement and love for the city is clearly evident during each Skype video chat.  Today she has afternoon tea at Herrod’s after class and probably headed to another pub after that bit of fun.  She’s had her first British fish-n-chips and said it was quite different than she’s used to.  So, I told her Long John Silver’s isn’t exactly a standard to compare against.  You can follow her blog at allieantle.tumblr.com

Tonight, I believe the Miami Heat are going to lose their bid for a second straight NBA championship.  Honestly, they don’t have the desire nor the hustle nor the willingness to truly work hard enough to win.  The Spurs, even though I do not like them, bring each of those attributes to each game.  They work and guys like Chris Bosh and Mario Chalmers just don’t.  They are some of the softest players I’ve ever seen.  LeBron isn’t aggressive at all, a shell of himself.  DWade makes more mistakes, both physical and mental, than a rookie.  The Heat doesn’t deserve to win, they should be embarrassed and ashamed of their lack of effort.

Last night I had my first cigar since I’ve gotten over my illness (bronchitis).  I enjoyed a Fonseca Arana Torpedo which started off a bit shrill, almost tart and bitter, but smoothed out soon afterward. Since I was on strong anti-biotics and prednisone, my taster has been off considerably, so that probably contributed to the poor start.  It finished very nutty, a bit of spice and more mild/medium than I expected.  Looking forward to enjoying more this weekend!

My wife’s birthday is tomorrow night and we’ll be spending it at Busch Stadium in St. Louis with free tickets to the Cardinals v. Cubs.  No rain in the forecast so it should be a great night!!  Looking forward to it!

Later, Cats!

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