College Football

So, I’m a University of Missouri season ticket owner but I’m an Auburn Tiger fan.  I have been rooting for Auburn since the 80s when Vincent ‘Bo’ Jackson stepped onto the campus on the plains of Alabama.  Being a big fan of college football and the fact Mizzou ventured into the SEC last season, my appetite for the game has continued to grow.

Last night, Mizzou played in the Cotton Bowl vs. Oklahoma State.  Now I realize the Missouri head coach Gary Pinkel is a very conservative man.  He’s generally cautious when it comes to choking teams out.  Basically, he lacks for a killer instinct, which is fine however it costs him wins on an almost regular basis.  Last night’s Cotton Bowl gave us a senior QB from Mizzou who was in his last game and Pinkel’s loyalty to this player came dangerously close to costing him a bowl victory.  Inaccuracy, slow decision-making and poor footwork are calling cards of James Franklin, the Missouri QB.  For some reason, Gary Pinkel is blindly loyal to him, even when freshman QB Maty Mauk makes a quick appearance and moves the team in efficient fashion.   Mizzou won the game despite the obvious inept play from it’s senior QB.  Luck and more luck gave Pinkel a ‘W’.  My thoughts?  I’m glad Franklin is gone.  Can’t wait for Mauk to be the #1 QB next season.  Am really hoping the recruiting class on defense is strong because we’re losing at least four players to the NFL.  

Now, for the team I truly root for, the Auburn Tigers.  After earth-shaking wins versus Georgia and Alabama to win the SEC Championship, they get to be huge underdogs in the BCS Championship game when they meet the Florida State Seminoles.  Yeah, Florida St. has more talent.  Probably more team speed.  I know a better QB.  An undefeated record.  However, Auburn has been an underdog in almost every game they played this year.  Many teams in the SEC had more talent.  Just as many had a better QB.  What they didn’t have was a wizard of a coach like the one who calls Auburn home, Gus Malzahn.  This guy has been on quite a ride and you can read about it here: …

My thoughts?  Auburn is resilient.  They are smart.  I think Gus is a better coach than the highly paid Jimbo Fisher.  I think guile, smarts and a rugged offensive line shock the world on Monday night when the Tigers execute a great game plan against the Seminoles to win their second BCS title in four years!  Will I be shocked if Florida State wins?  No, because I’m level-headed enough to realize they are stacked with talent, speed and skill.  It’s just the feeling.  The Orange & Blue.  It’s War Eagle.  It’s Miracle at Jordan-Hare.  It’s the thrilling Iron Bowl Beatdown they administered to Nick Saban, his pricey team and the pompous Alabama fans.   It’s all of that and then some.  Emotions will run high Monday night but I’m ever hopeful of a Tiger victory.  Enjoy and WAR EAGLE to all!


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