Snow and Football

Our meteorologists seem to have gotten this one correct.  They called for up to a foot of snow for the St. Louis area today.  So far, we’ve got about 8 inches and it’s supposed to keep going until early evening.  Ugggh!  No doughnut run this morning!  I like it, just don’t like being stranded in the house.

So, my two football predictions came true yesterday!  I told followers I liked the Chiefs and Eagles and then provided golden information that teams I pick almost always lose.  If you would have listened to me and called your bookie, you would have been counting your cash this morning.  Both games looked promising for my ‘likes’ and then turned tragically downward with last-minute disappointments.  So, you were tipped off, my Vegas recommendation would have paid off for you!  Hope you listened and acted on that ‘insider’ info!

Today, we’ve got Cincinnati at home hosting San Diego.  I like the Bengals defense and the cold home field.  Take Cincy.  For the late afternoon game in frigid Green Bay when they meet San Francisco, where wind chills are supposed to reach -30.  I say the better run game and better defense wins.  That tells me to lean to San Fran.   My ‘likes’ for today:  Cincy & San Fran.  What does that tell you about San Diego and Green Bay?  Hmmm?

I’ve begun reading Chronicles by Bob Dylan.  Just opened it so I can’t tell you how good it is yet.  More to come.

Going to clear off a path for the dogs to go outside, they don’t like hopping around in the snow to find a place to squat!!

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