Closet full of stuff

Most times my mind is like a closet which hasn’t been cleaned out for years.  Open the door to the thing and you see piles of interesting objects, shiny things and dust-covered forgetables.

Today, I run down a list of likes.  Things which have my approval and/or I have come across and I simply dig.

  • The new Coen Brothers movie “Inside Llewyn Davis”.  Set in the early 60s, this tale follows one week in the life of a folk singer in NYC.  Total ear candy, Coen Bros. style!  I had to see it twice to really get it.  A thinking movie, per usual with Joel & Ethan.
  • St. Louis Blues hockey.  These guys are for real this year.  Extremely high-quality of their game.  Coach Ken Hitchcock is legendary.
  • Watching golf on the weekends. Since football has been limited lately, I’ve been really enjoying the PGA both in the U.S. and in Europe (early morning viewing).
  • Jimmy Fallon.  I cannot wait for Jay Leno to be off the airwaves at night.  Jimmy brings The Tonight Show back to the creative, sincerely funny realm the King, Johnny Carson, left it.
  • Rolling Stone magazine.  Until lately, this was the only true magazine I subscribed to.  Provocative, pushing the limits and great insights from Mike Taibbi and others.  Must read every month!
  • Bob Dylan.  I’ve been re-reading his autobiography and really listening to his works.  This guy is so talented and was such a great poet, I don’t think the music industry truly appreciates his influence.
  • Coffee.  I’m a fan of Baby’s coffee from Key West.  Get several pounds a year sent up here.  I’m on a Conch Republic blend right now and it is fantastic!  Will be reordering soon.
  • The tv show White Collar on USA.  Those writers are special.

That’s it….plenty more but then what would I write about next time?

Stay safe!

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