RIP Harold Ramis

A true comic genius, co-writer of Animal House and many others as well as director of one of the all-time great films, Caddyshack.   Starring in Stripes and Ghostbusters, he was a veteran of Second City Comedy as well.  A student at Washington University in St. Louis, MO, his legacy will last for generations.  He will be missed.


Ramis of today


Closet full of stuff

Most times my mind is like a closet which hasn’t been cleaned out for years.  Open the door to the thing and you see piles of interesting objects, shiny things and dust-covered forgetables.

Today, I run down a list of likes.  Things which have my approval and/or I have come across and I simply dig.

  • The new Coen Brothers movie “Inside Llewyn Davis”.  Set in the early 60s, this tale follows one week in the life of a folk singer in NYC.  Total ear candy, Coen Bros. style!  I had to see it twice to really get it.  A thinking movie, per usual with Joel & Ethan.
  • St. Louis Blues hockey.  These guys are for real this year.  Extremely high-quality of their game.  Coach Ken Hitchcock is legendary.
  • Watching golf on the weekends. Since football has been limited lately, I’ve been really enjoying the PGA both in the U.S. and in Europe (early morning viewing).
  • Jimmy Fallon.  I cannot wait for Jay Leno to be off the airwaves at night.  Jimmy brings The Tonight Show back to the creative, sincerely funny realm the King, Johnny Carson, left it.
  • Rolling Stone magazine.  Until lately, this was the only true magazine I subscribed to.  Provocative, pushing the limits and great insights from Mike Taibbi and others.  Must read every month!
  • Bob Dylan.  I’ve been re-reading his autobiography and really listening to his works.  This guy is so talented and was such a great poet, I don’t think the music industry truly appreciates his influence.
  • Coffee.  I’m a fan of Baby’s coffee from Key West.  Get several pounds a year sent up here.  I’m on a Conch Republic blend right now and it is fantastic!  Will be reordering soon.
  • The tv show White Collar on USA.  Those writers are special.

That’s it….plenty more but then what would I write about next time?

Stay safe!