The Quarterly Look

So everyday life happens, getting in the way of writing, thinking, reflection….all of those areas where one needs a bit of quiet time or isolation to properly explore.  I find the grind of work, home duties, sleep and all other daily minutia take over each day like a well fertilized kudzu.  Clearly, I need more hours in a ‘day’.

This year I’ve challenged myself to read more.  Not news snippets on the internet, but books, those solid, box-like things which are made of wood pulp.  So far in 2014, I’ve finished several, none of which require deep thinking, but those which provoke my thinking about various viewpoints I have.  These are mostly books by people who are prominent in today’s media or entertainment businesses.  Authors of books I’ve completed looks like this:  Colin Cowherd (ESPN Radio host and high-thinker), Willie Nelson (an American original poet and philosopher), Bob Dylan (also an American original poet and philosopher), Bob Rotella (golf psychologist), Joe Scarborough (Republican television host on MSNBC whose “Morning Joe” show is vital to my morning routine) and one of the Uncle John’s Bathroom Readers (to improve my value to my team for numerous upcoming trivia night contests).  I have to say all of this reading has helped me think more clearly and be a bit more deliberate in my daily life.

So, today in St. Louis, we’re experiencing a touch of Key West weather.  Temps to reach 92 with humidity levels of 80% and a dew point over 70.  Walking outside is like stepping into a classic steam room except the pollen in the air makes it tougher to breathe.

My son is targeting University of Chicago to pursue a Philosophy degree following his senior year of high school.  Plans are to take that forward and possibly get a law degree.  We’ll see, his ever-changing thought process is unusual and entertaining to watch.

My oldest daughter is preparing to start her student teaching in August at a very good school district in StL.  She will graduate college in December.   My youngest daughter, the competitive dancer, is still unsure of her college plans, so University of Missouri looks to be in her future.  She may/may not go into Nutrition/Dietetics, who knows, she just doesn’t seem to be too concerned at this point as she goes into her senior year of high school.  *sigh*


My wife and I are planning a California trip which will take us from San Francisco to San Diego in a two-week stint.  I’ll provide details in my next post in September!





The ‘Right’ Politics

I just finished The Right Path by Joe Scarborough.  He’s the creator and host of Morning Joe on MSNBC and a former U.S. Representative.  It’s must-see TV from 5a-8a CST and I generally listen on Sirius radio on the commute to work, and you should too!

This book spells out what is currently wrong with the Republican party, points to examples of dissension and strife within the party from decades past and what was done then and what can be done now.  If GOP leaders and those who have splintered off from the party would read this book, digest it, and realize compromise and negotiations are tools of true leaders, the Republicans would enjoy peace and harmony once again.  Unfortunately, these obstructionists employ tactics such as withholding budget votes to use as a hammer in order to get their beliefs notoriety.   Not the Eisenhower way and certainly not the Reagan way (both of whom were clear legends of the GOP), but apparently those legacies have been forgotten by many elected Republicans.  With platform rigidity and an unwillingness to compromise, this GOP has alienated stalwarts such as Colin Powell and has gotten into bed with the likes of Glenn Beck and Rush Limbaugh.  While those two voices do have some legitimate foundational beliefs, they seem to have shifted off-kilter to appease a more radical right, one which will fracture the Republican party and put many future elections in the ‘W’ column for Democrats.  Shock value really doesn’t have a place in politics, however it seems to be a tool of the ‘new age’.

Joe paints a great picture of what is happening and what should happen to grow and unite the party.  I just wish anyone who calls themselves a REPUBLICAN would read and reread this book and use it as a reference to form a solid, dependable GOP platform we can be proud of.